Alan wake remastered: a survival guide

When the original Alan Wake video game was released in 2010 it instantly gathered a following of devoted fans and with their passion for the game itself, they have managed to make it a cult classic.


With the announcement of Alan Wake remastered the community will expand from playstation fans who never got to experience the original game, all the way to people on other platforms who will experience it for the first time.

With the remaster coming out within a few days, its time to once again go back to bright falls and with the tips below you will be set up for success with the Alan wake remastered: a survival guide whether it be your first time playing the game, or if you need some help replaying the game on its nightmare difficulty.

۱٫collect the manuscript pages


While exploring the world you will come across pages of a manuscript which will tell the events of the future. 

Most of the time these pages will help you to prepare yourself for a future conflict with the taken (the enemies in the game) by telling you if an enemy is approaching and if so how many so its best to keep a look out for these pages.

۲٫stock up on flares and ammunation

Depending on which difficulty you choose to play the game on, resources will either be a lot or very scarce so its better to look around for flares, flashbangs and ammo as much as possible while you aren’t fighting the taken.

Its also worth pointing out that there are caches hidden around the games world which are marked with torch symbols and are only revealed when a light source is shined on them.

۳٫look for stronger flashlights


At the start of every chapter of the game you start with your basic flashlight which will become pretty weak towards the end of the chapter.

However there are multiple flashlights hidden in each chapter which often times are stronger than the one you have at the start of the chapter, Whether it be a stronger flashlight or one that 

consumes less battery its always worth it to keep an eye out for them.

۴٫pick your fights and use your surroundings in a fight

Often times during fights you might find yourself at a disadvantage, you might be low on ammo or even batteries. During these moments its best to look at your surroundings, there might be generators you can use to weaken the dark presence or barrels to shoot at causing them to explode and destroy it.


There might even be times where you can use cars to run over the taken.

However if you find yourself having none of the options above at your disposal and finding yourself low on supplies its best to run away and find the next light source which brings us to the last part of our survival guide.

۵٫”whatever you do stay in the light”


The theme of Alan Wake Remastered is that you are trying to fight the dark presence in order to save your wife alice. And you are only safe when its either day time or when you find sources of light like street lamps (which also act as checkpoints) or the light house. 


 Like mentioned before these areas can help you during fights, you don’t necessarily have to fight every taken enemy sometimes you can run away from them and find yourself in the safety of the light.


With this survival guide we hope you are able to fight the dark presence and in doing so save your wife from it so that she may one day see the light again alongside you. 

alan and alice

Thanks to Remedy entertainment and Epic games for providing the Alan Wake Remastered game review code to the Gamerima team for review before release.

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